Saturday, July 9, 2011

Don't bring your working problems back home

It's a normal routine that everyone works all day long to earn money to live. Even some persons do multitasks, 2 to 3 part-time job during night. Not all persons have the courage to make it. While working I believe, there's certain things might distract to finish or complete your works before you reach the dateline. Practically, the unresolved things might burden the staff himself and at the end of the day, he just let the things to "procrastination". Alas going back home with frenzy-loaded stuck in the middle of his brain. Thinking what would be happened the following day and what would the Boss attack him to urge him finish the tasks given! All the thoughts juggling until he lose his reliable, emotional-control.

Then, the "big bang" happen! Meaning the things causing him wrecking his nerves to die! He becomes angry and furious and might if and only if scold his partner or kids! I read one of the article before, mentioned about the husband abused his wife and kids. The investigation reported that, the guy had so much problems at work place and couldn't think rationally until attacked his family members for almost dead being. Luckily, the neighbors hurry and immediately lodged a police report before late!

Second case is where a young man has problems at his work place, the fast-food restaurant being fighting with his parents. The burden he had during work has became a factor to him to be more anger and stubborn. Going back home late at night and less sleeping time worsen his life in fact!

Therefore, I wish all that, think rationally and try not to manage the work wisely and figure the pros and cons of bringing the work problems to home. Otherwise, try to make your life happier and enjoy or entertain yourself with have a break-time with beloved family and friends!
Have good day everyone!

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