Saturday, April 16, 2011

Baby and Me

Guys, this is a comedy Korean movie I mentioned in earlier entry before. I think it's a must movie-to-watch! It's about parenting in young age of a high school boy named, Jun Soo (not real name). He has a good look (hensome gile la!), mesmerizing but was a spoil brat in his family since he is the only son in the family. He faced a lot of difficulties to raise is cute baby, Ram.. and from them he learns to be a better person, more responsible and a good father to his baby. The ending was .......

hahahaa.. I won't tell you guys. Surprise!!!.... You need to watch the movie yourself laaa.... Enjoy watching yeahh!...

OMG, ooze to look this guy!

This cute baby, seriously he's good in acting!

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