Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Israk Mi'raj

Alhamdulillah, I think today is fairly great and very nice day.
Everyone is fasting, and managed to prepare special Rendang and pulut kuning. I thought it was quite late and couldn't finish it before Asar. Finally, we made it! Totally me and my sister made kuih buah melaka ourselves! I probably say today is not a wordless Wednesday seems we had couple of great and funny moments for "today". We argued somehow about the dough we prepared before. I put the colour of green and she(sister) put more water. Though the dough was finally Ok la.. hikss... After 5 pm I send packets of pulut with rendang together with scramble eggs on top to give away for several kids yang mengaji kat umah Cik Ju. Yeahh, I drop by at Adi's house, met his mom and give some food while visit her (cehh... dah x segan jumpe bakal mak mertua). Later, fetch up my lil sister and went back home. Just in time we managed to get back before Maghrib! Or else we have to berbuka in car... hehehe...

For all what I can say is I am so happy for today!
Syukur... ":)

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