Friday, June 24, 2011

Disgraceful, shameless...

Sometimes what we say, the way we're talking with people around reflect what kind of person we are. Truly I can see and observe someone's attitude and their delivery sometimes make others feel sorry with them. I don't know why this thing would happen to us,especially girls. Come on girls, everybody is looking us and what will be others' 1st impression towards us? So, practically just watch your mouth and behave like a normal and respected person.

Otherwise, you're embarrassing yourself!
Yes, I say this because I can't understand what actually bears in their mind to do such annoying and irritating matters. To me, right now maybe they feel nothing doing so, at last they'll regret with what they are doing backdays... isn't it. I just say this because I feel like I'm in their shoes . So to my dear lil sisters, girls... out there... just behave nicely not too descent just know what bad and good things to do next time. Think wisely before do something OK?... maybe with this I hope will reminds me too. I don't want others simply blame us like we know nothing. So, my dear.. behave nicely and say good things rather than talk craps and unnecessary matter. Life peace indeed!

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